Azwin Ecosystems PLT

Security, Efficiency, Sustainability. The reason we exist.

Empowering Ecosystems. At Azwin Ecosystems PLT, we see everything as a whole. We believe that as with nature, small things lead to big things and that no man is an island. By making use of existing and future networks and riding on technology innovations, we believe that anything is possible with the right resources.

About Azwin Ecosystems PLT


Azwin Ecosystems was founded on the 1st of March 2013 and officially registered as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) on the 4th of March 2013(SSM Registration no: LLP0000045-LGN). The initial focus was on Security and monitoring but eventually the idea expanded to Efficiency and ultimately, Sustainability. In September 2015, a UK presence of the company was established and registered as GoCerebro LTD UK.

Vision and Mission

Towards Security, Efficiency and Sustainability - We focus on activities to assist individuals, families, communiities and organizations achieve these objectives.

Our Business

We currently offer Energy management systems and consulting services as well as various training leading towards the efficiency of processes and day to day organization. stratagEMS is a product we are currently offering to households and commercial premises to monitor energy consumption in real time as well as automate and control appliances remotely via mobile devices or any internet enabled PC.

The logo

The combined letters a and e as depicted in the logo stands for Azwin Ecosystems respectively. The color GREEN was inspired from Green Lantern (the comic) which represents WILLPOWER. “ This color has the least amount of influence on the wielder, and can only be controlled by one who has an indomitable will that can overcome great fear”. It also signifies our efforts towards green energy production and maintenance. The arrows are arranged in a manner which indicates the idea of sustainability.

Our Values

MISSION: Continuing Azwin Ecosystems' mission towards Security, Efficiency and Sustainability.

VISION: Empowering communities with intelligent insights based on real world data.


What we offer

Energy Analytics

Energy data and insights at your fingertips


Keeping your loved ones safe with secured direct to access emergency medical information


Sustainable cloud systems without breaking the bank


Tech training, cloud tools for educators including attendance systems and course tracking.


Cloud tools for business and process efficiency.


Technology consulting

Resource Profile

Shahril Azwin Zainul Abidin

PMP MBA MSC Information Technology B.Eng(Hons) Electronic Engineering
Project Manager, Technical Consultant, Managing Director, Founder

Currently specializing in Pervasive Computing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with Masters degrees in Information Technology from the University of Nottingham, UK and Business Administration from Open University, Malaysia.

Graduated in Southampton University UK in Electronics Engineering in 1997. 16 years working experience. Started working as IT/Software Engineer in Educational content then moved to manufacturing software development and later in telecommunications(embedded software, MSDP, Media and Apps). Technical skills include software development in C, C++, Java, Delphi, Pascal as well as web scripts(PHP, Javascript, VBScript). Moved roles to Project management in 2004 while working in TM Research and Development.

Started working for Motorola LTD Research in 2007 as a program manager handling firmware release projects for two-way radio embedded software and later joined Ericsson in 2009 as a Customer Project Manager earning PMP certification while executing projects across the globe - Riyadh, Bangkok, Manila, Singapore and Malaysia.

Norzaiha Norhan

B.Ed(Hons) TESL
Knowledge Management, Instructional Design, and Training, Creative Director, Founder

Possess 13 years working experience in the realms of courseware development, education, and E-Learning after earning a Bachelor Degree in TESL (Hons.) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Involved in multi-faceted projects at various stages largely as an Instructional Designer. Gained valuable knowledge and experience while managing projects as a Training Developer in Intel. This included end to end development and delivery of E-Learning course contents aimed towards the global Intel IT staff. Earned a translation diploma from PPM/DBP as well as a copywriting certificate from IACT and taught various communication subjects to undergraduates in MMU with a total of 8 years experience in proofreading and editing various texts.

Redza Redzi

Multimedia Specialist

Posses experience in various multimedia elements. Roles and projects include:

Multimedia Programmer at Rangkaian Tenaga Sdn Bhd (Projek Pusat Sumber Ilmu PSI) 1996-97

3D animation lecturer (part-time) for certificate programs at Cosmopoint College 1996-97

Multimedia artis (3D animator and AV editor) at Digital Kinetik Multimedia Sdn Bhd 1997-99

Multimedia artis (3D animator and AV editor) at UMM Hijau Multimedia Sdn Bhd For UNITAR Courseware 1999-2000

Head of Multimedia Department at General Energy Sdn Bhd (IT,Oil & Gas) 2000-2001

Project Manager at Orange Media Services 2000-2013

Sasbadi Sdn Bhd - Science and Math Form 1-4 Teks Book and CD-rom development

Heitech padu - Coperate Video (Jabatan Imigresen ) Product Launching (Padu Net and Padu Tech)

Berita Publishing – Product Launching and AKAS (Anugerah Khas Anjung Seri)

Touch Picture Production Sdn Bhd – 3D logo and animation for QSR BHD corporate video

General Global Production Sdn Bhd – Montage and graphic element for Kuiz Adik Comel for ASTRO OASIS

RTM – Montage and graphic for drama Janji Meletop and Skuad D6

Zeel Production – Montage for drama Obsesi (TV3) and 3D logo animation.

The Islamic hosts – Logo and corporate identity creation

Glamour international Sdn Bhd – 3D Booth design, poster,bunting and images manipulations

Gofast Resources - 3D Kitchen Design

Other products: Buku PBS KHB Tingkatan 1 dan 2 dan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan Tingkatan 1 dan 2 terbitan syarikat Orange Media Services.

Mohamad Izatul Reduan bin Hanapiah

B.Eng in Electronics(Hons) Electronic Engineering
Solution Architect, Software Developer

Skills include software development in C, C++, Java, J2EE, Spring, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, Neo4j

Projects delivered so far include

Company Name : Astrums. Project Delivered : Perkeso Pintar project

Company Name : Persistent Systems Limited. Project Delivered : Tivoli Network Performance Management Wireless server and mobile modules

Company Name : IBM Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Project Delivered : Tivoli Network Performance Management Wireline server modules, technology packages and technology package generator Eclipse plugin.

Company Name : F-Secure Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Project Delivered : F-Secure Health Check, F-Secure Online Scanner, F-Secure EasyClean and F-Secure online application framework.

Company Name : Panasonic R&D Centre Sdn. Bhd. Project Delivered : Asterisk PBX Gateway Prototype.

Company Name : Xyratex Limited UK. Project Delivered : 10 Gigabit Ethernet Fibre Channel Protocol Analyzer and VisualSCSI.

Company Name : Xyratex Sdn. Bhd. Project Delivered : Xyratex Storage Manager Suite Server and Web Based.


Current and Past Projects



Emergency Medical Information on the go




Household Energy Monitoring System




Quick Attendance Documenting System


Media and Presentations


A youtube playlist of some general video presentations and montage work can be viewed here.

Silverlab Animals recordings at Soundcloud

Prezi presentation slides at :

Small Business Management : Sources of finance for Open University Malaysia

Entrepreneurship for Open University Malaysia

ECOFRONT Energy Management System for Tenaga Nasional

Enterprise Development for Open University Malaysia

Artwork at DeviantArt

Website Development and Event Management


Himmah Nottingham website -

Silverlab Animals bandpage -

Child/Human Development example page - Xaphyr Alden Azwin 

Event Website and RSVP system example - Wedding Example

SOS Tags - Emergency Information Tags

We are currently rolling out our own Service under our UK based company, GoCerebro LTD for tagging and tracking individuals with special needs. The service site information and subscription can be accessed at


stratagEMS Proof of Concept

We have completed a POC of stratagEMS for use in malaysian homes and commercial sites. This includes the installation and configuration of the stratagEMS Energy Management System. Information of this product can be downloaded here. A specification document can be downloaded here

Appliance Detection for Intelligent Energy Management


A project in progress under the guidance of the University of Nottingham

MDeC Marketing Collateral Training for MSC Status Companies and Product Listing Reviews.

We have been appointed as a consultant by the Multimedia Development Corporation Malaysia(MDeC) to provide training for MSC Status companies in building effective marketing collateral for listing into the official MDeC product list of MSC Status companies and has so far successfully completed a review of more than 300 existing products on the list. This list can be viewed from the MSC Malaysia website here.


Locust SMS Location Tracking App

Our free android app for location tracking via SMS is now on the Google Play Store. Install this app on up to 4 android smartphones and get on demand location updates of each device at a touch of a button. Track the location of your loved ones without them subscribing to a mobile data plan. The app can be downloaded here.

Cloud Project/Process Management App Development

We are currently in the process of developing generic project/process management tools for general use. We aim to enable any individual to manage projects, events, as well as processes easily with a centralized dashboard which is accessible via web or mobile device. A sneak preview of what's in store can be viewed here.

UKMTech Smart Reporting System

We are currently working with UKMTech in implementing a smart reporting system for thier current operations which makes use of our cloud project/process management system and mobile app

IACON : Independent Arts Converge and Connect

We host IACON for independent creative content developers to network and showcase talent, services products. visit the fb page, IACON website and the IACON crew site for more information.



Contact us

Bukit Mahkota, Bangi

+60 13 365 0137